Kittyhawk Pilots

The Story of a Desert Harasser


Cyril Ayris

in collaboration with

Flying Officer Stan Watt B.A. 

  • Soft Cover
  • 170mm x 240mm
  • 164 pages with images
  • First published by Stan Milton Watt 2002

Dive and be Damned
The men of the RAAF's 450 Squadron were trained as World War II fighter pilots, but when the Germans were forced out of Africa and back through Italy there was suddenly no Luftwaffe to fight. 
Almost overnight the Squadron's role changed to dive bombing, an equally dangerous job calling for skillful flying and an extraordinary degree of bravery.
​The men who had spent nearly two years learning fighter tactics now dived like hornets through the heaviest anti-aircraft fire the Germans could muster, with up to three bombs slung under their aluminum-skinned Kittyhawks.
This is the story of Flying Officer Stan Watt and some of his fellow pilots who pressed attack after attack against a desperate enemy in the last savage months of the war.
KITTYHAWK PILOTS is a collaboration between Stan Watt and Cyril Ayris, one of Western Australia's most prolific writers.
We are honoured to have Kittyhawk Pilots in our collection and thank Stan's family for giving us the opportunity to sell this wonderful book on their behalf. 
F/OFF Stanley (Stan) Milton Watt B.A. 415844


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