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Edition 1 compiled by 
​George A. James — Editor, 450 Squadron (RAAF) Association, 1996
Edition 2 compiled by 
Sandra Nipperess — Secretary, 450 Squadron RAAF Association Inc. 2017
Photographic Scan & Enhancement
Shirley Peters and Sandra Nipperess
Cartoon Illustrations
Shirley Peters
Document Design & Layout; Cover Design; Illustration
Sandra Nipperess – Designer/Publisher 
Original Members of No. 450 Squadron RAAF Desert Harassers®
Descendants of the members of No. 450 Squadron RAAF
First Published 1996
Reprinted with additions and corrections 2017
Self Published in Australia by
450 Squadron RAAF Association Inc.
​Cessnock, NSW 2325 Australia

© Text and Photographs    
450 Squadron RAAF Association Inc.
© Cartoon Illustration    
Shirley Peters

​ISBN 978-0-6480872-0-5

Copyright ©
450 Squadron RAAF Association Incorporated.
​All Rights Reserved.

OK Recollections of the

Desert Harassers®

An illustrated account of the life and times of the

Desert Harassers ® , those famous men of

No. 450 Squadron RAAF 1941-45.


the men of the famous 
No. 450 Squadron RAAF

  • Soft Cover
  • 21cm x 29.5cm
  • 144 pages with 150 photographs and illustrations

Published by 
450 Squadron RAAF Association Inc.

© Copyright 
450 Squadron RAAF Association Inc.

​A quality 112 page publication, packed with stories of actual events, as experienced and portrayed by the men of No. 450 Squadron RAAF, depicting their active duty served under inhospitable conditions. 

The squadron, originally formed on 16 February 1941 in Williamtown, NSW, was to eventually include over 800 personnel from the Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand and South African Air Forces. Its men were never relieved of their duties from 1941-45, until the end of WWII, when the squadron was disbanded and its members were returned to their country’s shores. When the Aussies from No. 450 Squadron who survived the horrors of war, finally arrived, they were told to go home to their loved ones, the best way they knew how, and be prepared to return for either full time or reserve duty when notified by the authorities. For some, it was a matter of first hitch-hiking hundreds of miles to get home.

The highs and lows of their service is evident, their fortitude, attitude and stamina is nothing short of remarkable. These young men of No. 450 Squadron RAAF, are famously known as the  Desert Harassers®.

Edition 2 of ‘OK Recollections of the Desert Harassers®’ includes the stories from Edition 1, plus more stories and photographs with illustrations by Shirley Peters depicting that Desert Harasser touch of humour.

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