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The print is on high quality archival matte paper, signed by 42 men of the 78 Squadron. Some famous names have been acquired with permission of the relevant families.

The BIG Do

a graphical reproduction of a famous event...

by Artist
Teneille Chapman

 “The Big Do” is a graphical reproduction of a famous event that will be forever immortalised in this print.
On that Saturday No. 78 Squadron were detailed to give cover over the landing craft and US Navy at Biak Island. The first aspect that needs to be stressed is that the pilots of No. 78 Squadron were out numbered by more than 2 to 1. Although 16 Kittyhawks were detailed to take part only 15 made it to Biak Island as one had engine problems and had to abort. 

From the Japanese perspective there were some 31 aircraft comprising 22 Zeros from 202nd and 381st Kokutai’s and 9 Judys from 503 Kokutai. Despite these overwhelming numbers the Australians took the fight to them and by taking the initiative, pressing home their attacks and providing top cover at all times they prevailed, shooting down 7 fighters and 3 dive bombers for the loss of a Kittyhawk and its pilot
​F/Sgt Happy Harnden. 

So for the RAAF this was the largest number of Japanese aircraft shot down in a single engagement by a RAAF fighter squadron.

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