FREE Life Membership is strictly awarded to a
​450 Squadron RAAF veteran and spouse or widow.

Membership Eligibility

450 Squadron RAAF Association Incorporated
(incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984) Rule 3 (1) January 2013

Incorporation of an Association Compliance

To comply with the rules of an Incorporated Association, all NEW members, are required to complete the Application for Membership of Association form sign and return it, with applicable Membership fees or confirmation of online payment of fees, for the period nominated by you, in an envelope bearing the Association's address:

The Secretary
450 Squadron RAAF Association Inc.
PO Box W79

FULL & LIFE Membership of the 450 Squadron RAAF Association Inc. entitles you to be nominated for a position on the Committee and to vote at the Association's Annual General Meeting (AGM), held in April of each year.

ASSOCIATE (ASSOC.) Membership Friends of the 450 are not entitled to vote...

ALL Members are entitled to:

  • contribute to this website, subject to approval of the submitted content and its relationship to the 450 SQN;
  • attend official events, including the AGM;  
  • assist in fund raising; research and archiving where practical;
  • financial member discounts where applicable.

Your decision to apply for membership indicates your willingness to support the Mission of the ‘Children of 450’:
“To promote the contribution of the 450 Squadron RAAF to world peace and perpetuate the memories of the squadron members.”

To clarify the eligibility of a Child of the 450 (FULL Membership) please refer to the following:

Definition of 'Child of the 450'
Those persons who are directly related to a member of the
450 Squadron RAAF by way of the following:

  • son; daughter; 
  • grandson; grand-daughter;
  • great-grandson; great grand-daughter; etc
  • nephew; grand-nephew; etc
  • niece; grand-niece; etc
    (adopted and step children are included in each of the above)

Upon receipt of your application and payment for Membership of Association you will be forwarded a Membership Card for the period nominated, and a receipt for Membership payment.
Unique Membership numbers for FULL Membership will be made up of the original RAAF ID number of the 450 Squadron member to which you are related, followed by a code identifying your relationship to that member.
e.g. If Joe Smith was my grandfather (member of the 450 Squadron) and his RAAF ID number was 123456, my Membership number would be 123456-GD – the suffix GD indicating my relationship, to Joe as his granddaughter.

If you are unsure of your eligibility please contact:  The Secretary

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